Activities in Jordan

Looking for special activities to do while in Jordan?
Jordan is home to a wide range of activities, catering to all ages and tastes. Take a look at some of our recommendations for things to do.

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A walk into the wild side at the Wadi Al- Mujib Nature Reserve

This reserve lies adjacent to the Dead Sea and is one of Jordan’s most exciting natural sites. It contains a narrow canyon, reminiscent of Petra’s Siq through which a river flows. Over thousands of years, the water has formed several large caves and waterfalls inside the canyon. The trip to Al Mujib Nature Reserve requires the participants to swim, walk and climb through occasional rushing water! Anyone who’s in search of adventure is strongly advised to do it.

Diving in the Red Sea

Diving in the Red Sea offers a totally new perspective on the world to all those who take the plunge. Much of the vibrant red sea reef system is still intact and suitable for both beginners and experts. There are many providers of diving tours in Aqaba, and we have years of setting up exceptional excursions. For non-divers, there are options to receive internationally recognised tuition and qualifications. The shallow reefs also mean that snorkelling is a very popular option. Be sure to check out the submerged tanks and planes!  Get in contact with us to find out more.

Jordan Paintball Club at Mountain Breeze Resort

Covering an area of 15,000 square meters, Jordan Paintball Club is the foremost and only woodland paintball field in Jordan. Located at Mountain Breeze Resort (30 mins from Amman), the area is fully lit for night-time games and includes two towers, several large structures and a range of shelters and bunkers. The large space of Mountain Breeze’s paintball centre allows players to effectively plan and execute tactics and strategies. Moreover, for those not participating, the adjacent resort features a high-quality bar and restaurant bound to keep any objectors occupied. This is an enjoyable paintball field with high safety standards, guaranteed to provide a real rush of adrenaline.

Gliding / Micro lighting / Para motoring / Paragliding

Flights and courses are available near Amman, and at special sites all over the country. Tuition is available by professionals. Further information is available upon request.

Hiking in the Dana Nature Reserve

Dana is truly a world of natural treasures containing a wealth of natural scenery, ancient ruins, and many flora and fauna, some only indigenous to the area. The Dana Reserve is a system of wadis and rugged mountains, which extend from the top of the Jordan Rift Valley down to the desert lowland of Wadi Araba. The reserve is managed by the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature, with the aid of the World Bank. The Dana village is a great example of a timeless and traditional Jordanian village, it contains visitors centres selling organically grown produce from the village terrace gardens, silver jewellery and pottery produced by the women of the village. The reserve contains the Rummana and Feinan campsites and the village guesthouse. Dana offers a selection of trails to key points of interest for both the casual and adventurous hiker. The Rummanah camp at the top of Dana is situated at a height of 1400 meters above sea level and is open from April to October, while the Dana guest house and Feinan camp (situated at sea level) are open year-round.

Parachuting Over Jordan

Nothing beats a parachute jump for sheer excitement. All you need is a four-hour training session at the USPA (United States Parachute Association) affiliated Royal Parachute Club to make a static line jump from an altitude of 4000 feet. Advanced free fall jumps can be organised for qualified parachutists holding valid certification. The club is located in Aqaba.

Camel Riding in Wadi Rum & Petra

While in the South, do as the Bedouins do! Riding a camel in Jordan’s stunning Southern deserts is a true bucket list experience and a great way to connect with the surrounding environment. Wadi Rum and Petra are the best places to ride camels in Jordan. In Wadi Rum, the vast majority of accommodation options Wadi Rum offer camel based trips. Be sure to take a picture!

The Pasha Turkish bath

Popularised during the Ottoman Empire, Turkish Bath’s or “hammam’s” are the perfect way to relax and rejuvenate in Jordan. Located in Jabal Amman, Pasha Turkish Bath is the city’s largest and most well-known spa. The facilities are authentic, clean, and relaxing. A comprehensive list of services can be found on the “Al Pasha Restaurant and Turkish Bath” Facebook page. The Bath has separate time slots of men and women, with mixed-gender sessions between 4 pm and 6 pm. Book ahead to avoid disappointment.

The Roman Army & Chariot Experience (RACE) – Jerash

Staged within the restored ancient Hippodrome at Jerash, the Roman Army & Chariot Experience enables guests the opportunity to witness the drama of antiquity. Featuring hose and cart racing, this twice-daily show is a real journey back in time. In terms of sheer theatricality, little beats it. Don’t worry though, no one’s getting hurt for real!

Rainbow Street

Running through the heart of Jabal Amman, Rainbow Street is home to a wide range of souvenir shops and cafes. Particularly popular on Thursday and Friday evenings, the street hosts some of Amman’s most important buildings, including the Residences of King Talal (Teta Alice’s House), and the former military commander and Prime Minister Zaid ibn Shaker. Exploring can be hungry work though. For a light snack, be sure to try an al Quds falafel sandwich, lauded by many as the best in Jordan.

Royal Tank Museum

The Royal Tank Museum is the first purpose-built tank museum in the region, displaying more than 140 tanks within a large 20,000 square metre space. Opened in 2018, the museum presents its exhibits in chronological order with the help of interactive media tools. This is a great place to learn about Jordan’s military history. Guided tours are available on request.

Darat Al Funun

Housed in six elegantly restored 1920s buildings, Darat al Funun exhibits the art collection of Khalid Shoman. Located just off Paris Circle in Weibdeh, this is a popular place to relax and enjoy stunning views over Downtown. Keep an eye out for the regular events on offer, many of which are hosted in the picturesque ruins of a Byzantine Church in the lower garden.

Dar Al Anda

Founded in 1998 and housed in two historic villas in Jabel al-Weibdeh, Dar Al-Anda is one of Amman’s most loved art galleries. Committed to supporting local creatives, this is an essential stop for both art aficionados and those looking to appreciate the stunning views of Old Amman’s rolling hills.

Tales of Jordan (Underground Amman Tour)

A relatively new phenomenon, graffiti art in Amman has experienced a marked increase in popularity over recent years. Led by local hip-hop artists, this walking tour explores Amman’s neighbourhoods and their relationship with the urban art form. Visitors will hear from the artists about their personal experiences and learn about the challenges and achievements of local creatives.

Iraq Al-Amir Handicrafts Village

Founded by the Noor Al-Hussein Foundation (NHF) back in 1993, the Iraq al-Amir Women’s cooperative aims to help women reach financial independence and raise standards of living. Preserving local heritage, the project employs over 40 women in the production of hand-made paper, hand-woven fabric, ceramics/clay, and food processing.

Jordan River: The Wine Experience

Run by the Haddad family, Jordan River (JR): The Wine Experience is Jordan’s first wine tasting venue. Here, guests can try twenty wines, crafted from forty handpicked varieties of grape, grown in the basalt deserts of Jordan’s North, one of the most distinctive terroirs in the world. Located on The Boulevard in Abdali, this is a great place for wine enthusiasts to appreciate Jordanian wine and the Kingdom’s recent renaissance in viticulture. JR: The Wine Experience offers either three tasting experiences or two experiences with a cheeseboard. If desired, for an extra fee, a Master Sommelier or Haddad family member can be pre-arranged to guide you.

The Jordan Museum

Jordan’s national Museum is a great place to learn more about the Kingdom’s fascinating history. Located near to Downtown in Ras al-Ein beside the City Hall, the museum takes visitors on a nine-thousand-year journey, from prehistory to the present.  The Jordan Museum hosts the country’s most significant historical artefacts and is divided into three galleries: The Traditional Life Gallery, The Modern Jordan Wing, and The Archaeological & Historical Gallery. Highlights include the prehistoric Ain Ghazal statues and a large section of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Entry is two JOD for foreigners but is free for Jordan Pass holders.

Carakale Brewery Tour

Carakale is revolutionising beer in Jordan. Taking inspiration from the craft beer revolution in Europe and America, this small brewery in Fuheis (40 mins approx from Amman) offers 30-minute tours explaining the secrets behind their hugely successful operation. Afterwards, guests can experience the tasting room, located in the heart of the al Fuheis mountains with stunning views over Wadi Al Azraq.

Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts

The Jordanian National Gallery of Fine Arts is a great place to explore Middle Eastern art. Located in Jabel al Weibdeh, the Gallery showcases works from around the world, with a focus on Jordan and the surrounding region. It is perfect for a short visit and hosts an impressive collection of over 3,000 works including paintings, ceramics, photography, multimedia creations, sculptures, and weavings. A real feature of the community, this beloved museum also hosts a range of events such as lectures, seminars, and workshops. Keep an eye out for these!

Beit Sitti (My Grandmother’s House)

Learning how to cook local food is a great way to get the most out of a destination.
Situated in Amman’s scenic Jabal al Weibdeh neighbourhood and featured in international media, Beit Sitti” is an old property, preserved by three granddaughters to preserve their grandmother’s legacy. With the help of local women, Beit Sitti aims to preserve and further the cause of Jordanian home cooking. This is the perfect place to learn how to cook traditional Jordanian dishes. The house is enchanting and cosy, and the host Maria ensures guests of all abilities feel at home.

The Royal Automobile Museum

The Royal Automobile Museum displays a wide selection of cars and motorbikes from the personal collection of the late King Hussein. It is the first public automotive museum in the Arab world and was founded by the incumbent King Abdullah II as a tribute to his late father. This is a very popular attraction that presents Jordan’s history through its most recognisable vehicles, ranging from 1950s classics to modern supercars such as the Ferrari F40 and Mercedes SLR Stirling Moss. Entry is reasonable at 3 JOD.

Nabad Art Gallery

Located in a renovated 1930s residence in the historic neighbourhood of Jabal Amman, Nabad Art Gallery was founded in 2008 to exhibit and support emerging artists from Jordan, and to showcase artists from the wider Arab world and beyond, with a view to cultivating intercultural dialogue among artists and the public. Besides exhibitions, Nabad Art Gallery offers professional art classes in drawing and painting for all ages and levels.

The Martyrs’ Memorial Museum

A memorial and museum located next to the Amman Sports City; The Martyrs’ Memorial Museum was established in 1977 upon the late King Hussein’s wishes to keep the memory of every soldier who sacrificed his life for this country alive. The museum compromises three interior wings, each hung with exhibits presenting the Great Arab Revolt, the foundation of the Emirate of Transjordan and the Arab Legion, and the development of Jordan’s armed forces. The Martyrs’ Memorial Museum also showcases a rare collection of Jordan’s military weapons, clothing, and vehicles.

Museum of Popular Traditions

Founded in 1971 and housed in the Eastern lateral halls of the Roman Theatre (immediately to your left as you enter the Theatre), the Museum of Popular Traditions exhibits Jordanian and Palestinian heritage items. Included are displays of traditional costumes, headdresses, weavings, embroideries, jewellery, along with household and food preparation utensils. This is great place to discover more about Jordan’s diverse ethnic groups.  Further, a separate gallery houses a collection of mosaics from Jerash and Madaba that date back to the 6th century AD.

Jordan Archaeological Museum

Established in 1951 and located on Citadel Hill in the heart of Amman, the Jordan Archaeological Museum showcases artefacts from prehistoric, Roman, Byzantine, and Arab eras. Entry is included with the ticket to the Citadel, and although many exhibits were moved to the Jordan Museum in 2014, the Archaeological Museum is still well worth a visit. Among others, highlights remaining include the 8000+-year-old statues from Ain Ghazal, neolithic plastered skulls from Jericho, a huge Iron Age sarcophagus, and the Tyche of Amman: a stunning white marble Roman bust.

Climbat Amman

If you are planning for a hike or a climb in Jordan, then Climbat Amman is the place to prepare! This is an excellent and well-equipped climbing centre on the outskirts of Amman, with a series of climbing walls for all levels. All materials and manufacturing techniques were assembled by professional workers to the highest standards. Climbat Amman is the largest indoor climbing gym in the region.

Jesus Cave to Pella Hike – Pella (Tabaqet Fahel)

This is a wonderful hike that explores some of Jordan’s most spectacular but often forgotten historical sights. Best explored in Spring when the hills are green and wildflowers are blooming, the 6.72-mile route offers stunning vistas with the opportunity to spot local wildlife. On the route there are two significant archaeological sites, these being the remains of a Roman-Byzantine Church and Pella, one of the ten ancient cities of the Roman Decapolis. This is a moderately difficult hike, with Jesus Cave – Pella recording 2031ft of elevation loss.

Jordan EcoPark (Irbid)

Considered one of Jordan’s most successful ecological projects, Jordan EcoPark offers rural living at its best whilst preserving and nurturing nature.  Since its establishment, EcoPark has focussed on operating within a sustainable framework whilst simultaneously creating a profitable asset and escape for the local community. The Park is a unique concept in Jordan and is a great bolthole for groups of all shapes and sizes wishing to experience the beauty of the Jordan valley. The Park offers a wide range of activities such as hiking trails, zip lines, giant rope swings, bike rentals and tours.

Tell Mar Elias (Ajloun)

Tell Mar Elias in Ajloun is a great option for those interested in biblical history. Believed to be the home of the Prophet Elijah, the remains of this ancient church are of significance.  Still remaining here are the remains of the outer walls of the church, the baptistry, an underground crypt, and extensive mosaics. Exposed to the elements, the tranquil and rural location warrants a quick visit for those already in the area.

Pony Rides for Children at Mountain Breeze Resort

Visiting Jordan with your children? At Mountain Breeze Resort you will find two adorable Shetland ponies named Bella & Gigi waiting to play with your little ones. Only children up to the age of six are allowed to ride around the resort. This is an experience your children will love.

Ajloun Forest Reserve Zip Line

Experience Jordan’s highest zip line by soaring over the stunning forests of Ajloun Reserve! This adrenaline-filled experience is a great way to take in the Mediterranean landscape of North Jordan with its abundance of oak, pine, wild pistachio trees, and strawberry bushes. Managed by the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN), standards are high. A professional team is always at hand to ensure your flight over the forest is a safe and enjoyable one.

Archery at Mountain Breeze Resort

With the help of professional instructors, you can enjoy this ancient sport at Mountain Breeze Resort. Suitable for anyone above the age of 10, the equipment supplied is of high quality and comprises carbon fibre arrows, arm guards, and recurve bows. In the refreshing country air, this is a great way to relax and take some time out on your tour of Jordan.

RISE Adventure Park – Aqaba

Located at the Marina Village at Ayla Oasis in Aqaba, RISE Adventure is the ultimate family outdoor adventure destination. Perfect for adrenaline junkies, activities here include a high ropes course, giant swing, spiral slide, trampoline, adventure golf, wall climbing and zip line. Under the supervision of a welcoming team of highly qualified guides, RISE Adventure Park is a great place to spend time whilst in Jordan’s South.

Rasoun Hiking Trail in Ajloun

This is a guided trail of moderate difficulty that begins at Ajloun Reserve Visitor Centre and ends at the Soap House in the nearby village of Orian. This trek is a great way to experience the nature of North Jordan and takes guests through thick, healthy woodlands filled with oak, pistachio, and oriental strawberry trees. A short detour is taken to view the ruins of a Roman wine press before passing one of the oldest strawberry trees in the reserve on the way down into the valley. The trail climbs to 1,100m above sea level at Eagle’s Viewpoint and then descends to the Soap House where local women follow the traditional process of making Orian pure olive oil soap. The trek covers a distance of 7 km over 3 hours.

Fishing with a Local Fisherman

A fishing trip in Aqaba is a great way to experience the coastal life and traditions of the region. There are a wide variety of trips on offer, and species targeted include amberjack, swordfish, and great barracuda among others. The best time to fish in Aqaba is in the summer between May and November although good catches can happen at any time! Get in touch with us to find out more.

Aqabawi Art & Culture Studio

For those seeking cultural exchange and great learning opportunities, Aqabawi Art & Culture Studio in Aqaba offers a range of classes and experiences. These include sessions on embroidery, sea glass jewellery, henna, and pottery among many others. All experiences here benefit the local community and have been developed in coordination with cultural experts with the intention of leading to a positive exchange between Jordanians and guests.